Quality First, Safety Guaranteed

  • Quality

    Quality is a criterion, quality is a loyalty, quality is a responsibility, quality is the life of the enterprise. Without quality, integrity and market, an enterprise loses its ability to survive. SHENGDA With the first-class products, excellent service, fast delivery and the best price, we have won highly praise foreign customers'.

  • Management

    SHENGDA has a young and innovative management talents. Through effective communication and tacit cooperation among various departments, the annual productivity efficiency of the company has been significantly improved. The training of talents has been highly valued, which provides a strong guarantee for SHENGDA.

  • Ability

    Through the participation of industry elites, we can improve quality, reduce total cost and shorten order completion time, strive to achieve continuous improvement results, and make SHENGDA a strong competitor in the global market. Customers attach great importance to our ability to develop innovative design and high production capacity, while meeting precise quality standards and response speed.

  • Behavior

    Now, we are trying to create a new market, creating a simpler, cheaper and extremely satisfying way of doing business. SHENGDA has an experienced team that can meet specific product needs at any time. The value we create is not simply to provide antennas, but to transform antennas into your exact needs.


Let's take our development to a higher level


We will increase and strengthen the partnerships we have.

  • AT&T
  • Vodafone
  • AnyTone(1)
  • Nanfone
  • wouxun