Sorry! New Zealand amateurs cannot use the 60 meter band

From October 24, New Zealand’s amateur radio enthusiasts will no longer be able to use the 60 meters. Radio amateurs in New Zealand use the band on a temporary basis, allowing ham in the region to use two frequencies, 5353.0 kHz and 5362.0 kHz.

The National Amateur Radio organization New Zealand amateur radio transmission (nzart) said the New Zealand Defence Force (nzdf) had informed the organization that it was not willing to approve another renewal of the 5 MHz test allocation. Nzart said it would continue to work with RSM, the telecommunications regulator, to see if there were other ways for New Zealand amateur radio enthusiasts to access the 5 MHz frequency.

Like the United States, the federal government and the military are the main users of business in the 5 MHz band. According to nzart, nzdf is not making a rash decision, but acquiring this HF spectrum is very important for new platforms, tactical radio equipment and updated HF field equipment to support nzdf in the delivery chain.

“In addition, the visit to HF is a key part of their communication plans in New Zealand and in support of our forces overseas,” nzart explained “Despite the disappointing results, nzart thanks nzdf for allowing us to participate in the trial and we look forward to working with them on issues of common concern in the future.” – thanks to Paul Gaskell, g4mwo / 5 MHz news


Post time: Nov-03-2020